Human Resources

Talent Concept

The nine-yuan talent concept:
Talent is the key to the success of the nine-yuan business, and talent is the first resource of nine yuan. We propose: the concept of talents that respect, play, improve and reward.
Respect is to respect employees and regard employees as partners in the nine-yuan business, to create conditions for employees, to show their talents, and to make employees feel dignified and fulfilling in the work of the nine yuan.
To play is the pride of the nine-yuan people; the play is also the driving force for the success of the nine-yuan cause. Nine yuan gives each employee a platform to play, through system guarantees, organizational guarantees, and resource support, allowing them to show their talents and skills.
Upgrading is the tireless pursuit of the nine yuan people; promotion is also the greatest wealth for the nine yuan. Before entering the nine yuan, the ability is not good, the quality is not high, it is the employee's own problem. Into the big family of nine yuan, we have this responsibility and obligation to help employees improve their ability and quality.
The return is an important measure for the retention of nine yuan, and the return is also the result of a win-win situation for employees and the company. Every effort of the employee can get the material or spiritual rewards that should be given. The more you pay, the more reward you will get. The more rewards employees have, the greater the value they create for the company.
Nine yuan selection concept:
Talented and talented, preferred;
Have no morality, cultivate and use;
No virtue, no restrictions, use;
No virtue, no need, no need.
Nine yuan use of people:
"Using people to be long and tolerant of people is short." This is the amount of nine yuan. "Using people to be" is the quality of the employer, the length of the mind, and the ability to be long; and the "shortness of the person" should be the short character of the person, the shortness of the emotion, and the shortness of the habit. We are both ordinary people, we must each have short and long-term strengths. We firmly believe that we are building a harmonious and complementary team, and complement each other with others. This is the reason why we are loyal to each other and seek common cause.
Nine yuan education concept:
If you want to be a big one, learn to be a person first. If you want to reach the big device, you will have a strong internal strength. Being a man is the inherent requirement of the nine elements to cultivate culture. Character is the foundation of the nine-yuan foundation. The standard for cultivating talents is to make every employee "love the motherland, love the people, love labor, love science, love business" And useful talents that are "ideal, ethical, cultural, disciplined, and capable."
Nine yuan to retain people view:
"The cause of staying in the business, the treatment of people, the emotional retention, the environment to retain people" is the consistent policy of nine yuan. We advocate the business to retain people, that is, we must continue to expand and strengthen the cause of the nine yuan, build a larger stage, and provide more development opportunities for outstanding talents; we advocate the treatment of retaining people because we believe in outstanding talents. Can create the best benefits for the company, excellent talents should get the best return; we attach importance to the emotional retention, because we pay more attention to personal talents, but also pay more attention to the family and the team's synergy; we highlight the environment to stay People are to shape the corporate culture of "consisting with each other into their long-term" and build a positive and talented environment within the enterprise.
Nine yuan Jin people view:
Jiuyuan has always been committed to the personal development of employees, providing employees with a broad career development space, opening up promotion channels, truly providing a platform for talent promotion, and personal development space. In order to help more nine people succeed, we launched a thousand miles. The standard is "the combination of virtue and political integrity, morality first; united comrades, sincere cooperation; outstanding ability, outstanding performance; willing to sacrifice, unlimited potential."
We always believe that talent is the source of strength! Jiuyuan sincerely welcomes all professional elites to join, and cultivates talents to inspire employees' enthusiasm and corporate ownership, so that they can realize their own value in their respective positions.