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The secretary of Xinji city come to our company for research

At the 5th days after the closing of the two sessions,the secretary of xinji city Wang xiankun and him team come to our company for research on 2nd,June.2020.  

Wang xiankun listened our director’s report about the production and sales situation,and asked some exsit risks and diffculty of our enterprise,while say positive about JIUYUAN company’s huge contribution on xinji economic and society.He suggested us continue to fully play the advantage on melamine tech and market,intrench our industry position of melamine further.   

Wang xiankun said,xinji municipal goverment will carry out the two secession spirit deeply,ensure the policy of provide finicial relief  for enterprises and stimulate the market’s viality can workable then secondly make power.Unswervingly support development of the real economy.

The director on behalf of all emplyees thanks the understanding and support of xinji municipal goverment.

Sodium tripolyphosphate is an indispensable additive in detergents, and the content of most detergents is 10-50%. Its main role can be summarized as follows.

The chelating effect of metal ions: daily washing water, generally contain hard metal ions (mainly Ca2, Mg2). During the washing process, they will form insoluble metal salts with the active in the soap or detergent, which not only increases the consumption of the detergent, but also gives the washed fabric an unpleasant dark gray color. Sodium tripolyphosphate has an excellent property of chelating hard metal ions, so that the adverse effects of these metal ions can be eliminated.

Improve the role of peptization, emulsification and dispersion: dirt often contains human secretions (mainly protein and fat substances), but also from the outside of the sand, dust and so on. The sodium tripolyphosphate has the effect of swelling and solubilization on protein, and has the effect of peptization; it can promote the emulsification of fatty substances; it has the effect of dispersing and suspending solid particles. The buffering effect: sodium tripolyphosphate has a large alkaline buffering effect, so that the pH value of the washing solution is kept at about 9.4, which is conducive to the removal of acidic dirt. The role of the prevention of agglomeration: powder synthetic detergent with moisture absorption, such as stored in a higher humidity place, it will occur agglomeration phenomenon. The caked detergent is extremely inconvenient to use. The hexahydrate formed by sodium tripolyphosphate after absorbing water has dry properties. When there is a large amount of sodium tripolyphosphate in the detergent formulation, it can prevent the caking caused by moisture absorption and keep the synthetic detergent dry granular.