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Summary Conference of Safety Production Work in 2018

  On January 18, 2019, our company held the Summary Conference of Safety Production Work in 2018. The meeting was presided over by Vice General Manager Li Keda. Team leaders and above participated in the meeting and the heads of production departments made a summary report.

  In 2018, our company's production is running smoothly, new projects are completed and put into operation smoothly. Leaders of various departments at all levels strictly implement the responsibility system for production safety, focus on building a "double-control" mechanism, vigorously promote safety standardization, the overall safety situation is good, and no safety accidents above minor injuries have occurred

  In 2018, our company will continue to adhere to the "Sixteen Characters" internal safety policy, firmly establish the red line awareness, further increase safety investment, actively create a safety culture, strengthen risk management and hidden danger investigation and management, and resolutely curb all kinds of accidents