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Lei Feng's monthly essay campaign Award

Lei Feng's spirit is the spirit that our society needs. We must accept that the change of the times has brought about the denial of the traditional Lei Feng's spirit. It is also a kind of progress to admit that selfless help has become paid service. Of course, we should not turn everything into paid service, love itself reflects the existence of free service in society Lei Feng spirit, as long as your outlook on life is correct, your work will have endless motive force. The most important thing in success is not the size of our ability, but the moral character of a person. At any time, Lei Feng's qualities of helping others, loving post and devoting to work, being enterprising, being industrious and thrifty are all essential factors for us to learn constantly.
The essence of Lei Feng's spirit is to help others when they are in trouble, which is fully embodied in our employees of Nine Yuan Company. For example, every time the system of one factory is overhauled, the colleagues of two factories are in urgent need of production, actively and actively participate in the work of triamine system emergency repair, and take the initiative to undertake. Cleaning work such as cylindrical cyclone packed with triamine, as well as the logistic comrades cleaning materials on the spot, provide important support for the early normal operation of the system. 2. In daily work, there is often a need for mechanical and electrical equipment repair equipment and other conditions, often at this time, the electrical instrument share of the sanitary area can not be timely cleaned up, laboratory comrades take the initiative to clean up the sanitary area, the electrical instrument share of the sanitary area to clean up on their own initiative. 3. Comrades in the electrical apparatus workshop have been able to take care of the whole situation, especially those on the night shift, regardless of the fatigue of their duty, and actively engage in continuous operations in the maintenance work.
In life, we need Lei Feng's spirit. Only when we carry forward the spirit of helping others and doing good to others, can we get help and respect from others and feel real happiness in the sincere interaction. It's hard for a person who only sees his own interests to realize the joy of life. There's only one real joy, and that's giving for others. In doing so, you'll get the highest praise of life.
In work, we need Lei Feng spirit, need to take into account the overall situation, regardless of personal gain and loss, do a line, love a line, drill a line, fine line, carry forward the spirit of screws, to be a good company, good for the team. Only in this way can the company develop and our own capability be brought into full play.
The development of the company must not lack the spirit of Lei Feng. All success must be achieved through cooperation. It is difficult to succeed if we do not have the idea of serving others, the spirit of helping others and the spirit of seeing only our own interests. An enterprise, if all employees do their fair share of things, not solidarity, such enterprises are not competitive. All the companies are trying to find Lei Feng's staff, because such employees will carry forward the spirit, will bring other employees to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, will make an enterprise with fresh power. They will not seek excuses for any difficulties, but will fulfill their tasks voluntarily and conscientiously.
Lei Feng spirit is a noble spirit, we should learn the spirit of Lei Feng, carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, so we are all Lei Feng, we can also make the extraordinary results in the extraordinary position, our contributions to the development of 9 yuan.